Hello! Welcome to Aahwanam Convention Center

About us

With the aim to serve every customer with utmost satisfaction, Aahwanam are trendsetters in the hospitality industry. With the onset of venturing into the hospitality industry, we focus primarily on serving all our guests efficiently and taking care of their banquet, conventions and other hospitality needs.

We have an eye to detail which is very much important while running a hospitality business. We pay close attention to the concerns of our customers and ensure to provide nothing but the best hospitality experience.

Charged with a desire to orchestrate to people’s needs, we’ve learnt the art of appealing to our guests emotions. We are capable of providing services that will not only leave you satisfied, but also, get your guests talking of the event. With benefit-driven services and clean convention halls, your event will surely be a memorable one.

Our Story

It is well-known to all of us that the hospitality industry is of great importance when it comes to essentials like food and lodging. Whether it is for a vacation or a business trip, hospitality sectors are always on the move.

Keeping all such positive factors in mind, we established Aahwanam so that we could lend a helping hand in terms with hospitality to serve our customers to their utmost satisfaction.

We are passionate about undertaking hospitality projects and believe in our team work and diligence to carry out every project that we take up with a great zeal and persistence.

Venturing into the hospitality sector, we have first implemented services through setting up convention halls that are not just spacious, but also, clean and hygienic.

Health and hygiene is one of the most important factors that we in the hospitality business need to concentrate on. We assure you the best quality services filled with a lot of fun and excitement all through the event. We follow an ethical standard of hospitality and set the seal on an environment that is unblemished and pristine.

Stay connected, as we will shortly give you more insights into the various other splendid features of our banquet halls and resorts.