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engagement banquet hall

An engagement marks the beginning of formal agreement upon which a couple formally announces their wedding. Make your engagement an event to remember for your family and friends by taking advantage of our Aahwanam services with our indoor and outdoor venues .


A Sangeeth is never complete with the excitement of a dance and singing party. Well, to complete a Sangeeth you need a hospitality business that will not just attend to your hall requirements, but will also provide you with the necessary sound and light equipment required for your Sangeeth party. Your Sangeeth will definitely be remembered by all your guests because of the quality treatment that they receive from Aahwanam.

Bride & Groom Ceremony

In India, along with the wedding, we also have a bride and groom ceremonies. Finding a convention hall that is best suited for all these traditional programs is a task. We give you the choice of booking our convention hall for all the ceremonies as we are aware that most of these bride and groom ceremonies go with few people since we have a pool side venue also . Customer satisfaction and budget friendly services go hand in hand. Aahwanam offers a spacious property to conduct all the ceremonies, you’ll surely get services worth every penny you spend.


Make you mehendi event a special one by getting us to set up your event according to your requirements. An event that is full of life and enthusiasm can get better when you choose aahwanam team that will attend to all your requirements. You will be given the option to choose from a pool side venue that is best for different fun activities and also food stalls, tattoos and nail art, mehendi.


For events like weddings, you require an eminent venue services that will make your event worth the money that you spend. Make your wedding memorable by opting for the best hospitality service from aahwanam in town. We are the best hospitality service to choose when you have a wedding based on a theme. You can tell us exactly what you’re looking for and we’ll make sure we get the necessary arrangements done. You won’t have to worry about setting up food stalls as we have a lawn that is tremendously spacious.


Receptions are always enjoyed with a tinge of dance and party. The type of ambience you choose plays a very significant role in your reception. To satisfy this requirement, we have the ability to offer you a lawn where you can serve cocktail dinners for your guests where they can enjoy every sip of their cocktail with some great dancing.