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With the aim to serve every customer with utmost satisfaction, Aahwanam are trendsetters in the hospitality industry. With the onset of venturing into the hospitality industry, we focus primarily on serving all our guests efficiently and taking care of their banquet, conventions, and other hospitality needs.

To Empower Extraordinary Experiences: Our aim at Aahwanam is to serve as premier destination for creating unforgettable moments with your loved ones. We provide Versatile and State-of-the art venue to host Corporate events, Weddings., As we’re growing with experiences from 7 years, We became more than a venue to craft an experience rather than a grand outings.

With Establishment in 2022, Aahwanam has opened gates to make your vision into reality. Nestled between serene hills and a picturesque lake, our open-air convention hall offers an unparalleled backdrop for weddings, corporate events, concerts, and any happening events.

With three versatile sizes, accommodating intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, we provide the perfect canvas for any occasion. Our venue seamlessly blends nature’s beauty with modern amenities, creating an ambiance unmatched by competitors. Elevate your occasions at our oasis near the city, where the allure of nature complements the grandeur of your celebrations.


Welcome to Aahwanam – we take pride in providing an exquisite venue that sets the stage for unforgettable moments. Whether you’re planning a corporate conference, a dazzling wedding, or a milestone celebration, our state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated team are here to turn your vision into a reality.

As our team craft every detail meticulously, your event turns nothing short of Extraordinary. We understand that each event is a reflection of your distinct style and purpose, our experienced team is committed to work closely to offer personalized solutions just to meet or to exceed your expectations.

Welcome to the world of Elegance, Sophistication and Seamless event Experiences Charged with a desire to orchestrate people’s needs, we’ve learned the art of appealing to our guests’ emotions.

We are capable of providing services that will not only leave you satisfied but also get your guests talking about the event. With benefit-driven services and clean venues, your event will surely be a memorable one.

We Provide:

Safety and Security, Housekeeping, Seating Arrangements, Kitchen Facility, Green Rooms, Safety lockers, Clean Washrooms and more.

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German Hanger AC Hall

Experience unparalleled elegance at our city’s largest German Hanger, featuring a breathtaking transparent German structure that immerses you in stunning vistas. Nestled between a serene lake and picturesque hills, our venue offers a unique blend of nature and modernity. With a spacious capacity for 2000 guests, our location is conveniently situated near heart of the city, providing the perfect setting for your weddings, corporate events, concerts and other gatherings. Discover a one-of-a-kind atmosphere where sophistication meets natural beauty.

Outdoor Lawn – Anthurium Lawn

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled charm of our city’s largest open-air concert and wedding venue spanning 70,000 sq ft, nestled next to a tranquil lake. Our expansive space creates an enchanting setting for your special moments. Whether you’re dancing under the stars at a concert or exchanging vows in the open air in weddings, our venue seamlessly integrates with the natural beauty, making every event an unforgettable celebration. Experience the magic of marrying sophistication with the serenity of the outdoors at our premier venue.

Small Lawn Avens

To embrace the charm of intimate celebrations, we are proud to introduce beautiful lawn with 4000 sq ft, 100/40 feet at our. Elevate your special occasion in our small yet elegant space with a quaint dais, where the beauty of connection is celebrated against the backdrop of nature’s serenity making it a perfect venue for Birthdays, Sangeet, Mehndi and Corporate get to gathers.

Parking Space: Ample Parking for Your Convenience!

At Aahwanam, we gave paramount importance to parking, by boasting ample space for 1000 cars. As we understand stress free parking enables your guests to focus on the celebration and bonding’s shared without any worry to park their vehicles. With well managed and trained staff at place, we ensure that your attendees can arrive and depart easily as smooth as the event itself.

Safety and Security

Safety is our top priority at the venue, equipped with CCTV surveillance, an on-site top-notch fire extinguisher with regular drills for fire accidents. Ensuring a secure environment for all attendees, we recognize that a well-prepared and vigilant security system is the bedrock of any successful event. Your peace of mind is our commitment. as we prioritize the safety of every moment and everyone at your gathering.

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